Woman Rights

As an association of African women, girls and women are particularly close to our hearts. Where necessary, their life situation should be strengthened.

Children’s Cultural Series

The project “Africa, my Africa – Tell me your beautiful country!” Is planned by FARD. This project is a country-by-country presentation of the African continent.

School for all

Kinder und Frauen unterstützt FARD durch Alphabetisierungskurse vor Ort bei ihrer sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Integration.


FARD primarily supports women and girls in Africa, and in West Africa and French-speaking countries of Africa, in transforming business and project ideas into reality.

Health Pervetion

FARD has set itself the goal of providing local information on topics such as birth control, cancer prevention and drug and alcohol addiction.


Donate for the work of the association F.A.R.D. E.V. and enable us to implement our projects.

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